There are so many reasons why we experience feelings of stress and the symptoms can vary from person to person and in some cases can be deliberating. Feelings of stress come from any situation in which we feel frustrated, angry or anxious. 


Hypnotherapy can be very successful at alleviating feelings of stress and help leave you feeling calmer and more in control. Through hypnotherapy you can learn to deal with your stress and anxiety in a productive way, by learning to recognise the triggers and to deal with them effectively. The relaxed state you experience in hypnosis can help banish any feelings of tension and help you see things more clearly. Hypnosis can also help you achieve various healthy lifestyle changes that can reduce the amount of stress you feel.

Each session is tailored to the individual so we will talk through the issues that are causing you feelings of stress and work together to reduce them.


Trio of Candles

Disclaimer:  Results differ from person to person, according to many factors, including motivation, severity and complexity of the problem. To that end, no therapist can offer a guarantee of a cure or improvement.