Relaxation therapy


Relaxation is a mental process that leaves your body and mind focussed, calm, refreshed and relaxed.


When you are stressed your body releases hormones called cortisol and adrenalin and pumping those hormones around your body can leave it feeling exhausted. Hypnotherapists have long recognised that chronic stress can lead to chronic illness and most physicians will agree with this. Stress weakens the natural immune function and a weakened immune system does not lead to a positive healthy life.


Being relaxed does help contribute to a strong natural immune function which in turn promotes a healthy body and mind. It is very difficult to feel stressed if you are feeling relaxed!

Symptoms of feeling stressed can show themselves in many forms but day-to-day they could be seen as constant headaches, digestive problems and difficulties sleeping.


Today's world offers us many challenges, and our fast paced way of living as well as social media can make us feel overwhelmed and stressed. These feelings are completely natural and understandable and, thankfully, manageable so please don't feel you are on your own and can't talk to anyone.

You might be:

  • just generally exhausted from our fast paced way of living

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • stressed from having a challenging job

  • a new parent needing a bit of time out

  • planning a wedding

  • facing exams

  • an employer who would like to offer their employees a relaxation session in line with your health and wellbeing policy

  • facing a divorce or separation

  • moving house

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When our bodies are stressed our heart rate and blood pressure increases but these decrease when we are relaxed. When we relax our heart rate slows down, our breathing becomes slower and deeper, our blood pressure drops or stabilises and our muscles relax. There are great health benefits from relaxing.

So, whatever your circumstances, I can help you! If you decide to get in touch, we will enjoy a calming 20 to 30 minute session together after which you will feel wonderfully relaxed and refreshed. I will also give you the tools to be able to relax your body and mind wherever you are.


Business package

So many companies these days are losing employee working hours down to stress and anxiety. Health and wellbeing in the workplace is key if you want to get great results. As mentioned above, there are huge mental and health benefits to being relaxed. I can help you achieve better productivity by coming into your work place and offering 20-30 minutes of wonderful relaxation to each of those employees that would like it.  

It doesn't matter what your business might be whether it is corporate, a secondary school, within the retail or health industries, just give me a call and we can discuss the possibilities.


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Wedding package

Planning your wedding is so exciting but it can also be extremely stressful. A relaxation session with me could be hugely beneficial to either yourself or members of your wedding party either just before the big day or in the run up to it. It can help you feel calmer and more in control. I offer sessions to the bride's party and the groom's the evening before the wedding which will help everybody feel calmer and sleep better before the day itself.

I can also offer hypnotherapy to those is the party who are not feeling comfortable making a speech or may be worried about standing in front of a crowd of people. You may also feel worried about flying off for your honeymoon and hypnotherapy can help with that too.

Do give me a call and together we can make everything a lot more manageable.

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How you can relax on your own

Below are 10 methods to help you to relax.  Whether you are at home on your own or at work, you will be able to do at least one of the below!

Before starting any of the below, yawn and have a good stretch of the body.  Yawning forces you to take a long breath in, slowing down any shortness of breath you might be experiencing due to stress, and to exhale fully.  Stretching will help lengthen any clenched and shortened muscles in the body.

Slow down and deepen your breathing

Take a moment to close your eyes and focus on your breathing.  Take a nice long deep breath in through your nose, hold it for a second, and then slowly release it through your mouth. Do this four times to slow down your breathing and heart rate.

Listen to some music

Music can be a powerful tool to relieve stress so if you are in a public space perhaps put some headphones on but wherever you are, play some music that you find calming, your favourite artist or perhaps some relaxing sounds.  Dance along to it if you like!


Visualisation is a great way to emotionally remove yourself from a situation and calm down.  Take a moment to shut your eyes and take a deep breath in through your nose and gently exhale through your mouth.  Now visualise yourself in a peaceful, serene setting.  It could be a beautiful beach, or a quiet glade or a colourful garden.  It doesn't have to be anywhere you have visited before.  Wherever it is just take a moment to sit back and enjoy your surroundings.

Go for a walk

Walking is tremendously good for the soul.  Even a 10 minute walk around the block can release endorphins and help relieve any feelings of stress.

Have a laugh

Laughter is a powerful stress-relief medicine so put on a funny film or meet up with some friends for a laugh to help you feel more relaxed.  Even a fake smile or laugh can make you feel better.


Getting out into the garden is a great way to unwind and relax and you will gain a sense of achievement at the end of it too!


Getting creative is a lovely way to relax.  Take up painting, knitting or get crafty or even take up a musical instrument or sing to feel calmer and more relaxed.  And if you can't get a way from your desk then do a bit of doodling on your notepad!


Get active

Just like walking, any form of exercise can help you relax and you don't need to sign up to a gym - you can hire a bike or go for a run.

Reduce technology use

Social media and being connected all the time can make all of us feel under a lot of pressure.  Try to reduce the amount of time you spend on your phone, laptop or computer.  Try to limit the amount of time you are on social media and perhaps review those people you are connected with on social media.  I have known people who have come off Facebook feel a lot better about themselves and generally calmer.

Have a bath

Maybe light some candles and play some soothing music while relaxing in a long bubble bath!

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