Sports performance

Hypnotherapy is used by many professional sportsmen and women to help them perform to the best of their ability.

Hypnotherapy can better your sporting performance by relaxing the body and mind. Through hypnosis you can access the subconscious mind where, by using positive suggestions, we can work on helping you achieve the goals you wish to achieve, to overcome distractions, to maintain composure and to boost your confidence in your own ability. Hypnosis can work on controlling any negative thoughts and emotions you might have whilst focussing on a positive result.

For most cases, just two or three sessions of hypnotherapy would be required to deal with boosting your sporting performance in the run up to an event but you may find it helpful whilst training for an event in which case a couple more sessions may be required. 


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Disclaimer:  Results differ from person to person, according to many factors, including motivation, severity and complexity of the problem. To that end, no therapist can offer a guarantee of a cure or improvement.