What is hypnotherapy and what can I help you with?

All of our learnt behaviour and memories are stored in our subconscious. Hypnotherapy works by relaxing the body and mind to such an extent that the subconscious mind can be accessed. It is a totally safe and pain free therapy. Your sensibilities are fully intact throughout our sessions and will automatically reject any suggestion that is inconsistent to your personal values and beliefs so I am not able to influence or make you do anything against your own will. You are in total control throughout so you can open your eyes at any point if you so wish. In 1955 the British Medical Association approved hypnosis as a valid medical treatment.


I will finish our initial consultation period with a relaxation session so you will know what to expect in your first session thereby making you feel more relaxed and increasing the successfulness of the sessions.  


Hypnosis is a therapy which has been proven to aid weight loss and indeed weight gain, to deal with any fears or phobias, to combat addictions, to help gain self-confidence, to stop smoking, to overcome stress and anxiety and to soothe pain. I can help you with any of these issues and more. Below is a list of common issues hypnotherapy can treat but whatever your symptoms or worries, just give me a call and we can talk through the problems you are experiencing and work out the best treatment for you.

Each session is tailored to the individual to get the best possible result and I will do my very best to help you resolve your problem and reach your aim as quickly as possible.

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Disclaimer:  Results differ from person to person, according to many factors, including motivation, severity and complexity of the problem. To that end, no therapist can offer a guarantee of a cure or improvement.

Weight loss

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is becoming increasingly accepted and people all over the world are finding it a beneficial means of maintaining a healthy weight in the long-term.

Fears and phobias

Hypnotherapy is a popular treatment for overcoming fears and phobias as it connects with the subconscious and changes our thoughts and behaviours associated with the fear. Changing the reaction of our subconscious can often help us regain control over a fear and feel more relaxed when the anxious feelings arise.


Hypnotherapy can be very successful at alleviating feelings of stress and help leave you feeling calmer and more in control. 


Hypnotherapy is an effective method to dealing with anxiety and will look to find the root cause of the issue. We all experience anxiety from time to time and in most cases we are able to deal with it but in some cases it can affect the daily way of life.  



We lead incredibly busy and fast-paced lives these days and a bit of relaxation to refresh the body and mind can be hugely beneficial  in helping us get through the day. Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully easy way of experiencing deep relaxation leaving us feeling calmer, so much more relaxed and allowing our heart rates and blood pressure to stabilise.

Stop smoking

Hypnosis is a highly regarded and relatively cheap method to stop smoking.  


Exam nerves

We all know how stressful exams are and hypnotherapy is a great way of relieving that stress, lessen feelings of anxiety and to opening your mind to new learnings.

Low self-esteem and low self-confidence

Many of us face situations where our self-confidence needs a boost and there are many of us who struggle with low self-esteem. Hypnotherapy is a great therapy for boosting your self-confidence and can also help raise low self-esteem.

Pain relief

Pain is used by our body as a warning that all is not right within our physical body and sometimes, more covertly, in our emotional selves. We can use hypnosis to deal effectively with pain.

Public speaking

For some people, public speaking is easy and causes no worry. On the other hand, there are many people who are highly daunted by the thought of speaking in front of a group of people. You may be worried about doing a presentation in front of colleagues or in front of a potential clients, or you may be worried about having to give a speech at a wedding. Whatever the situation, hypnotherapy can help by giving your confidence a boost.

Sports performance

Thousands of sports people have recognised the power of their mental state as having a positive effect on their sporting performance. Hypnosis is regularly used in the sporting world to help professional athletes perform to the best of their ability.

Interview performance

No matter how old you are, interviews can be nerve-wracking. Hypnotherapy can be hugely beneficial if you are facing an interview. Through hypnosis we can boost your self-confidence, clear your mind of any doubt and anxiety and have you feeling fully prepared for it.


Hypnosis has been used for many years to reduce the effects of tinnitus.